Tired and too much in love

I'm exhausted. Mentally. I just want to stop thinking. 
But I can't 
Because I worry
Because I feel the need to analyse every single thing
Because I'm still stupid enough to care about what he does or does not
Because I keep telling him "it the last time. promise me it's the last time" 
Because it never is the last time
Because I keep waiting and waiting and waiting
Because it never comes (not in the last couple of the. Let give the guy some [not much] credit) 
Because Saturday it's still replaying in my head
Because I'm just an idiot some times. 

But I love him you know? 
I will always worry
I will always analyse stuff
I will always care about what he does and does not
I will always make him promise me the same thing
I will always let him break the promise 
I will always wait for him
I will always hope he comes (pan intended)
I will always replay sad event in my head 
And we are both idiots so what's the harm?