Up and Downs

For every sad day is a happy day. That's the motto now. Don't go too down on sad days, don't get too high no happy days. Try balance.
I keep think that. 
Maybe one day it will work.

I just realised that you change my moods completely. Not sure if it's good or bad. Probably a little bit of both. You shouldn't define the way I feel about everything in the world. It's cute that just talking to you makes my day so much better. 

I'm in a good mood right now. Because you're talking to me. You're being all cute and perfect. It sucks cuz I know if that wasn't the case I would feel like shit. It's not fair. Not to me nor for you. But that's my life now. 3 months and 3 weeks came to this. I'm so fucking attached. 

But I'll try to keep the good mood without being totally because of you. Being happy on my own. Because one day you might change your mind and stop being around. What will I do if that day comes? How will I move on from someone who already mean the entire universe? 

Finding self-confidence to be happy without forgetting or ignoring all the demons and insecurities that make me human.