True or lie

I went from over-sad to kind of mad.
Take full responsibility for my actions. 
But I'm not the only one who act like a little bitch in front of the parents. 
Worst, I'm on medication (And on my period I may add) while he was just being.. well him. I spent so many days hearing my mom ask "what was wrong with him at the beach?" Did I react badly? No. I only told him that my mother had ask and that it made me uncomfortable. 
His parents got mad? Pretty mad? What? Excuse me! Not your daughter, you can get upset but easily ask me. 
But again I'm the little bitch and that side is perfect (yeah because my parents are jerks but his are just perfect.. but that's another problem than I don't even want to get in at this point or ever I think) 
Forget the kind mad I'm angry.
I don't know if he is being honest when he says he loves me. 
He didn't asked what happen with me to react like that, didn't talk to me all night (even before the whole scene) and all morning. And got upset when I took off my ring? Was ready to break it off without even talking to me? Without giving me a chance to explain and say I'm sorry? 
More than a year and that's all I get? I have to break down crying like crazy just to make him look at me? 
Now he keeps saying that he loves me but can I trust it? 
I always give him a chance, I always listen to what he had to say and all I was getting was "is it over then? yes" really? Thanks a lot dude. 
I keep sending freaky long texts and he doesn't have a thing to say? Just wow
I'm not sure if I feel comfortable in this relationship. I barely believe when he says "I love you". How did he went from barely looking at me and saying that it was over to back to loving me? 

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