Hey y'all!
long time no see! It has been a while since I last wrote here! So busy with university and life
Let's get down to business.

Depression got worst. Taking more medication now. Went to a serious break-down (still going actually)
Tried to break up with my boyfriend (again). Pretty serious this time. I was ready to give up. Didn't care at all. I was just tired and upset, I just wanted to be over and have some peace and quiet time alone. Still not sure I should keep things up. I love him, really do. But at the same time I'm just gonna hurt him and myself. Is it worthy? The effort? The pain? All the sadness I carry with me? Maybe. Probably don't. He doesn't see it like that. Which is good I guess. Until he finally sees it and I'll end up feeling like shit (even more) because I drove him into madness(if this makes sense)

Things at home are bittersweet. Like my parents are trying to fix every things but it's taking a while. Waiting is driving everyone crazy.

"School" is okay. Just okay. Still hate that shit with passion. Don't know what to do next year. Wish I could take the year of and just travel.

That's it guys!
'Till next time! \o/

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