Same old fight

So I been talking to this guy... Old friend, no biggie.. unless you're my boyfriend. 
And don't get me wrong, I totally understand him specially cuz he has freaking hot girl friend who he could easy start talking to. 
It's just annoying because I have known the guy for a few years now and for the first time we're both in good places which makes it easier to talk. 
I'm sure that if I wasn't in a happy relationships this all talk with the other guy would be long over simply because we would grow tired of each other. 

With that being said I have never been this happier with anyone than I'm with my boyfriend. 
Wish he would just fucking realized that and see that I'm not about ti cheat or dump him for some stupid guy that ok I liked him but never love. I've never love someone like I love my idiotic boyfriend 

Good news is the whole fight about the other guy made him realized he really needed to change some things (like those from last post) and he has been doing an effort so yey! 

Overall it has been a good week
Fingers cross it stays that way...
(probably won't.. probably my fault)